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What Invitation Albums do I have to choose from?

We have tried to make available an album to fit every budget. The Crane (high end) album have elegant selections and offers both engraving and thermography. We also have Nu-Art, offering a more contemporary invitation with some lovely lettering styles. Birchcraft Studio albums are very popular (middle price range) and have both traditional and contemporary styles. Regency has several albums offering wedding invitation ensembles from $125 on up to over $500. For traditional invitations, a classic look and fine paper, Alden Grace is an album to be considered. Our Gala Album offers high-end, and beautiful handmade papers.

I live in California but the wedding will be in New Hampshire.
If I find an invitation I love in CA, can I call in the order to Paper & Roses?

Yes, you can. We can order your invitation as long as it is from one of the albums we use here.

How long, after I order, will it take my Invitations to get here?

Usually, it takes from 7-10 business days. Engraved orders sometimes take a few days more, but not always.

Can I somehow include the groom's parents names on the invitation?

Certainly! We will be happy to help you with the wording.

I am an artist. Can I hand paint a design on my invitation?

Yes. We will help you choose an invitation conducive to your artwork. Then, we will "position" your text so as to leave you the room you will need for your work. You do want to be sure and order well in advance, to give you time to work.

What's the best way to include directions?

We suggest a small map card (which matches your invitation in color) or written instructions. Both are acceptable. Many brides choose 2-sided card - with directions on one side and accommodations on the other.

What's the difference between a Silver and a Golden Anniversary?

Silver indicates 25 years of marriage and Golden signifies 50 years. As the "name" implies, Invitations for a Silver Anniversary are usually printed in silver colored ink and Invitations for a Golden Anniversary are printed in gold colored ink or at least have a gold colored design on the invitation.

When is it appropriate or even necessary to have "favors" on the table?

Actually, favors are never necessary particularly at a retirement party - but, on the other hand, it is a nice way to thank guests for attending. You will usually find favors on the tables at weddings and sometimes, at anniversary parties. There is a trend these days to use "local" favors: small jars of maple syrup or maple candy, for instance.

Is it necessary to have a Head Table?

Well, it depends. The major concern about a head table is WHO sits at it besides the guest(s) of honor. Brides and Grooms still prefer to be seated at a Head Table, in full view of all their guests. Round tables are becoming increasingly popular these days. They seem to give the appearance of being more "user friendly" by not putting anyone totally in "the spotlight".

What are the Rules for Retirement Parties?

Retirement parties are held to honor the years of service to a company by a particular employee. A decade or so ago, retirement parties were held to honor 30 or 40 or more years of service. In today's world, however, they are held for employees "retiring" or even "moving-on" after 5 or 10 years. So, I guess the main "rule" would be: to have a pleasant evening and to say "farewell" to the particular employee who is leaving the company. Like Graduation Parties, the predominant colors used on Invitations, Guest Books and Cocktail Napkins are Navy Blue, Burgundy, Gold or Hunter Green. That said, just look at how times have changed: most retirement parties were held for MALE employees and held in a hall, after work hours. The above-mentioned colors worked very well. Today, a Retirement Party might be a Luncheon at the Bedford Village Inn, or a dinner at Applebees. Rules for the occasion, therefore, are made as we go along.

Where can I go for other Professional Services for my event?

We have an excellent, tried and true, Referral Service, which we are happy to share with you. It includes everything from Musicians, Tuxedo rentals, Florists, places for your guests to stay and places for them to visit while they are here. And for Brides-to-be, we know the BEST (and most reasonable) cake maker in New England.

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